Interview with Yannick 'Yala' Bolasie

    Interview with Yannick 'Yala' Bolasie

    22nd October 2014

    One of our supporters, Calvin Sammut, has traveled to London and managed to catch up with a former Floriana FC player which is now playing with the English Premier League side Crystal Palace. Below is and an interview with one of the best foreign players to have ever played in Malta, Yannick 'Yala' Bolasie.

    1. How is life in London?

    It’s good to be back home and to play in England once again having also the responsibility to take care of my child.

    2. It’s been years since you have left Floriana but our supporters still speak about you, what are your thoughts about this?

    The time I spent with Floriana was very valuable and helped me want more for my career. I had already set my targets and the Premier League was one of them. I’m glad that Malta was part of my life wherein I have learned about it's culture and the way of life there.

    3. For the Floriana FC supporters you are still considered to be one of the best foreigners to have ever played with the club, what are your thoughts about this?

    That is an honor for me, obviously I didn't know that before but it’s very good to hear it considering that when I joined Floriana I was very young and at that age it was a very big achievement for myself.

    4. What do you think was your best moment with Floriana?

    There were various good moments but the one I remember most is when we won against Valletta. I came in as a substitute and we managed to win 3-2 in front of a great atmosphere by the supporters. That was one of the best moments.

    5. Whilst playing in Malta have you ever thought that once day you will end up playing in the Premiership?

    I always thought that I will come to play back in England. The Premiership was a dream so when I came back to England I realized that the level of football was different. In Malta it is very hot and football is a bit slower. That gave me a bit of hope of playing in the Premiership one day and that’s were I ended up playing.

    6. How satisfied are you with your career so far?

    With the way things went I can say that I’m very satisfied but still it’s not the way I want it to be. I want to be known as one of the best players around. I want to be amongst the best of the Premiership. I am playing for Crystal Palace and that has put me in a position to be one of those kind of players.

    7. The English Premier is one of the best leagues in Europe, how can the Maltese Premier League improve?

    I think that more facilities are required, it’s very different from here due to the fact that the all teams play in two or three stadiums but it has a good standard I think and there are good technical players.

    8. Having achieved all this at a very young age what are your next ambitions?

    Well I am currently playing at the highest league level but I hope that one day I will be improving and be able to play in a club of a higher level.

    Floriana FC would like to thank Calvin Sammut for his dedicated time to conduct this interview whilst thanking also our former player 'Yala' Bolasie for accepting it.

    We would also like to wish 'Yala' all the best whilst hoping he can fulfill all his future ambitions.

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