A furious Riccardo Gaucci speaks out

    A furious Riccardo Gaucci speaks out

    14th September 2014

    This website has met with Floriana FC President Riccardo Gaucci who wanted to express his feelings especially after our last match against Pieta Hotspurs. The below are the comments given by our President to this website.

    ‘’First of all I would like to apologize to all our supporters for the performance of the team especially in the first half against Pieta Hotspurs.

    For the first time since I am president of the club I was ashamed of all our players. I saw a squad that was presumptuous, without grit and without hunger for victory. I saw players that are not worthy to wear the glorious colours of Floriana FC.

    I would have said absolutely nothing if our players lost the game despite giving all their best on the pitch but in reality even if we won the game I am not satisfied at all because the performance was shameful.

    I am the president of Floriana FC and I am responsible for both the group of the Italian entrepreneurs and all those people who love this club. It is for this reason that those who go on the field and play with the colours of our club should always give their maximum.

    I am no longer willing to see similar performances and this must be a clear and strong message that all the players must transpose.’’

    The message sent out by our president is load and clear, the performance of the team has to improve and improve fast !

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