Andre' Scicluna signs for Floriana FC

    Andre' Scicluna signs for Floriana FC

    30th July 2014

    Floriana FC is pleased to announce that the club has reached an agreement with Lija Athletics over the transfer of defender Andre' Scicluna. Andre' is now officially a Floriana FC player after signing a three year contract with our club. As part of the deal, young striker Luca Casha has joined Lija Athletics on a one year loan deal.

    Andre' Scicluna, who was on loan from Lija during last year, has been voted as the Floriana FC best player of the year for the season 2013-14. During last season he played a vital part in our team whilst capturing the hearts of the Floriana supporters with his performances.

    We would like to give a warm welcome to Andre' Scicluna and wish him all the best of luck for the coming season.

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